Australian Esports Clubs League Terms & Conditions

Last Modified: 06.02.2020

The following terms and conditions of entry (‘Terms’) apply to the Australian Esports Clubs League (‘Tournament’) sanctioned by the Australian Esports Association (‘AESA’) and conducted by the Australian Esports League (‘Promoter’) and the participating clubs (‘Partners’).

Registration and participation by an entrant to this Tournament is deemed as acceptance of these Terms and the Rules and Regulations of this Tournament.
This Tournament is sanctioned by the Australian Esports Association and is subject to its policies and regulations.
This Tournament features games of skill, with each entrant individually judged based on merit with strict adherence to the Rules and Regulations of this Tournament. This Tournament does not feature games of chance.
The Promoter, Partners and the AESA are not liable for any loss (including loss of opportunity) or damage (including, but not limited to, direct, indirect or consequential loss) or personal injury in relation to this Tournament or the use of, or participation in, the prize.

The Promoter reserves the right to:

  • The final decisions for all matters over the course of this Tournament;
  • To, at any time, verify an entry or entrant and disqualify an entrant the Promoter has reason to believe has submitted an entry not in accordance with these Terms; and
  • To modify, suspend or terminate the Tournament with a minimum of 12 hours notice to all entrants.

All prizes are provided by the Promoter as advertised in the Tournament promotion material found on the website. Prizes may be changed for whatever reason; however, all reasonable steps will be taken to ensure you are notified of such changes, at least 12 hours prior to the change taking effect.
Prizes are not transferable or exchangeable and cannot be taken as cash unless stated as a cash prize. No responsibility is accepted for any variation in the value of the prizes. Transport of prizes to and from an event and all other ancillary costs are the responsibility of the winner. The Australian Esports League accepts no responsibility for the failure of Partners providing prizes/prize money and opportunities. Prizes may take up to six months to be received.

Entry Requirements
Entry must be completed by the nominated person; a successful entry must have been submitted through the official registration forms hosted by the respective Promoter and meet the following requirements:

  • Each person must provide their current and valid player ID, In-Game Name, and personal contact information;
  • Open to permanent residents within Australia;
  • Must be 16+ and meet the age eligibility of the club they are attending;
  • To be eligible to play in any interstate tournaments, all players must be prepared and have permission to fly to the applicable tournament;
  • Each player must have a valid form of age identification ID when entering any tournament premises;
  • Limited to once per person, an entrant is not permitted to register or participate as part of more than one preliminary qualifier;
  • Employees of the Promoter or the AESA and their immediate families, suppliers, associated companies and agencies are ineligible to enter.

Registration Fees
Once the Registration process has been completed by the nominated person a confirmation notice will be sent to the person.
There are no entry fees payable for this Tournament however a membership may be required at the club you have selected to participate at.
Registration is free, the Promoter and the AESA will not request any collection of entry fees. No administrators, staff or associates of the Promoter are authorised to request or collect any entry fees.

Club Membership and Fees
The Promoter may offer or enforce a club membership to the applicable venue as per the Registered Clubs Act 1976.

All communication between the Promoter, administrators and staff will be conducted via email, direct mobile phone call, through public notifications released on the website or through social media.

Entrants are permitted to withdraw from the competition subject to notifying the Promoter, administrators or staff.
Notification of withdrawal for the Grand Finals and Regional events must be provided within two weeks prior to events to the Promoter, administrators or staff.

Cancelations or Rescheduling
This Tournament or any part of it may be cancelled for any reason. Entrants will be given a minimum of 12 hours notice in the case of cancellation.
This Tournament or any part of it may be rescheduled for any reason. Entrants will be given a minimum of 12 hours notice in the case of rescheduling.

Conduct and Sportsmanship
To ensure the overall integrity of this Tournament all entrants are expected to uphold the policies and regulations of the Australian Esports Association, found here.
All entrants are required to uphold, observe and respect a reasonable level of sportsmanship. This level of sportsmanship is expected to be conducted prior to, during and after matches and during their general participation in this Tournament. This includes, but is not limited to interactions with other teams/players and general abuse or non-compliance towards administrators, staff or spectators.
Unsportsmanlike conduct is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, interactions with other teams and general abuse or non-compliance towards administrators, staff or spectators.
Sportsmanship includes but is not limited to:

  • Treating others with respect and courtesy;
  • Maintaining a fair-play environment by not cheating, hacking, sabotaging or exploiting the game, equipment or systems to obtain an advantage;
  • Maintaining an inclusive environment by not acting abusively, harmfully or discriminatively towards others over the course of this tournament;
  • Using appropriate discourse and language when communicating with others, administrators, staff or spectators;
  • Abiding by the Rules and Regulations of the Tournament.

Failure to Show
If no notice of withdrawal has been formally made, any failure to show for the Grand Finals or Regional events will be at the cost of the participant. Including the costs of flights, accommodation, transfers and associated damages.

Australian Esports Association
This tournament is sanctioned by the Australian Esports Association and is subject to its policies and regulations. All entrants are registered to the Australian Esports Association’s database during the registration process.
All entrants approve the use of data provided during the registration process by the Australian Esports Association in maintaining their database of participants. This database serves the purpose of recording participants in each sanctioned event, the use of private information that is collected abides by the AESA privacy policy.
The Australian Esports Association provides policies and regulations that ensure the integrity of this Tournament, which are available here.

The Promoter takes your privacy seriously and any information provided through the registration process is subject to the Promoter’s Privacy Policy, which is available here.
All data collected through the registration process will be kept strictly confidential and only used in relation to this Tournament, unless otherwise approved by you.
Please contact the Promoter via email at if you have any questions or concerns about how we will use and store your personal information or if you wish to exercise your right to access, modify or object to the use of or request the deletion of your personal information.

Entrant Disclaimer
I understand and have been warned that participation in this Tournament carries risk. I, and if being a minor, my parent/s, guardian/s, for and on behalf of me, acknowledge that during all times that I participate online or on the premises of the Grand Final event at any location which is organised, approved or endorsed by the Promoter as an activity for me to take part in, is at my own risk and I accept all risk.
I release the Promoter and the AESA from any claims by or liability to me for any loss or damage to property that may arise from any cause (including the negligence, act or omission of the Promoter and the AESA, administrators, staff, agents, independent contractors, voluntary workers, other users or participants, or spectators or other parties providing services).
I provide the Promoter and the AESA the right to record, film, photograph, create media outcome and to use the team (and any team member) names, likeness, images, pictures, voices, statements, quotations, appearances, performances and biographic material for promotional, marketing, publicity, commercial, non-commercial and/or editorial purposes in any media worldwide, without limit in time or runs. This grant includes all material in all form of media, including, without limitation, records, photographs, videos and footage created by the Promoter, the AESA, an agent, associate or by any third parties.